Interesting new technologies

We are now trying to learn use AutoDesk Inventor to design our robots, and Robot-C to program them. VEX and REV are our current targets,


Other kids in stuff we know

We are always mentoring other kids on the stuff we learnt, and help them grow in this field, so far we have helped 20+ kids, hoping to help more.


With local and national teams

We have been competing for the past 5 years using Lego Mindstorms EV3, and are moving upto the next level, while helping younger kids compete where we left off.

So what's this all about?

Robotics has evolved from a fantasy storyline into a everyday technology, and this is just the begining. As kids we are lucky to be given an opportunity to learn and understand the concepts behind this still emerging field. Robots have moved out of factories making everything from computers to cars, they are mobile. Auto-Pilot feature found in airplanes is now coming to cars. Warehouses are employing robots to receive, sort and even pack items for shipment. Drones flying above can now go from one place to another without being remote-controlled.

We are learning to design, build, program and control robots using kid friendly controllers and kits. Although we wouldnt call it playtime, it is exciting to make something based on our ideas and imagination. And in a team based environment where all the kids are fascinated by the world of robotics, we thrive in making our ideas come to life.

We wanted to share our experiences and our enthusiasm with the world, so we created this site. We have been playing with robotics, and helping other kids get into this for almost 5 years now. We mentor kids as young as 3rd grade and help them get exposure in different types of controllers. We are trying to make this a more comprehensive place for kids of all ages.

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